1. What is EEG and how does it work?

Electroencephalogram, or EEG, records the brain’s electrical activity through the electrode sensors that make contact with your skin. This electrical activity is then translated into patterns, called brain waves (Read more on  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electroencephalography)

2. Is there any scientific basis for using EEG (electroencephalogram)?

Yes. EEG tests can be done to check brain activity and diagnose problems in the brain or in the nervous system. (Read more on  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electroencephalography)

3. The Science Behind EEG

We are often asked, “Are there any scientific proof that the EEG headband paired with the Neuroscience-designed games work?” Here we have compiled our research presenting some significant validation work that shows proof that cognitive performance can be enhanced through EEG-neurofeedback, and recently, EEG-based technology has become more popular in “serious” games designs and developments.

EEG-based local brain activity feedback training—tomographic neurofeedback Published in: National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine Lead Author: Herbert Bauer, Avni Pllana

4. How does BNT test and MASTER MIND WORKSHOP can help to my brain?

There are studies that show evidence of the changes in the brain. These studies show that the best results for brain training shows on children, and those approaching their later years in life.

By MASTER MIND WORKSHOP we can do this. The research highlights how the brain reacts to mental stimulation.

Increased prefrontal and parietal activity after training of working memory  Published in: Nature Neuroscience Lead Author: Olesen PJ, Westerberg H, Klingberg T.

London taxi drivers and bus drivers: a structural MRI and neuropsychological analysis Published in: Hippocampus Lead Author: Maguire EA, Woollett K, Spiers HJ.

5. What are the BRAIN NEUORO TRANSMITTER (BNT ) Test and how will these help me?

The BRAIN NEUORO TRANSMITTER TEST  and MASTER MIND WORKSHOP is the part of brain training solutions that work together. By this our aim is to enhance your cognitive abilities. While you train these skills through the application and MASTER MIND WORKSHOP,  BNT test will be taken before and after this workshop  to compare result to prove increase the cognitive ability.

6. How will MASTER MIND WORKSHOP help me to increase my MI and cognitive functions?

The concept of brain training has been around for a long time. MASTER MIND WORKSHOP has merely used the scientific concepts and gamfied them, making it easier for  children alike to be interested in training their brains and to do so consistently. By making it fun, it also makes it a less arduous part of their lives. Furthermore, the Head band (utilizing brainwave sensors) can provide a tangible form of assurance that the user has indeed improved his/her MI and cognitive abilities.

Training for only a few hours across a wide variety of brain functions like in some studies would probably not have any real-world benefits. Think of it this way; if you’re only going to the gym a couple of times per month and doing undirected exercises, you’re most likely not going to see any improvement. Similarly, brain training has to be targeted and consistently done.

7. How do I know that I am/my loved one is improving his  MI  and cognitive skill?

BNT test provides progress report. At the time of enroll for MASTER MIND WORKSHOP  the user report will be taken beginning of the training programme, and that sets a benchmark to compare the results before and after the brain training. Additionally, the daily, weekly and monthly reports of the individual cognitive skills can be viewed to track the incremental progress over time. Assessments and analytics that can be tracked over the period of time for all.

8. Why are multiple intelligence and cognitive functions important?

MI and Cognitive functions are important to how we operate and go about our daily lives. Imagine having to live without any of your five senses, or if you lost your ability to remember the faces of your loved ones. The needs for cognitive abilities are amplified when it comes to academic work. For example, working memory and attention is needed for math. Research has shown that children with poor mathematic skills lack good working memory.

9. What multiple intelligence and cognitive functions do you focus on?

At this stage, we only provide training games for attention, memory, logic, spatial etc. There are many other types, for example motor skills, language, anticipation, theory of mind, inhibition and emotional self – regulation.

10. Does Playing Games Have Any Benefits For Me?

Research does suggest that the right type of games can stimulate minds and make it perform at a much higher level.

Brain training: Games to do you good Published in: Nature Lead Author: Daphne Bavelier & Richard J. Davidson

Reading and solving arithmetic problems improves cognitive functions of normal aged people: a randomized controlled study Published in: AGE Lead Author: Shinya Uchida & Ryuta Kawashima

11. What problems can brain training be the solution to?

Results have shown that it may help you improve your attention, memory, spatial skills, etc. This section shows research which backs up the claims that mental stimulation can help improve those specific areas.

12. How will BNT test and MASTER MIND WORKSHOP help children to develop their mental capabilities at faster pace?

Our solution enables children to develop their Multiple Intelligence and other sensory functions through fun and engaging methods. The skills such as focus, memory, decision-making, visual-spatial skills and responsiveness serve as the basis of a child’s mental capabilities, continuous brain training to improve these functions could lead to better academic performance as the child learns skills for a higher attention span and how to respond better to problem solving and language, etc.

13. Is the Brain band during BNT test safe to use?

The Brain Band is certified safe to use and non-invasive. For years, brain-sensing technology has been safely used in medical and research institutions to better understand the human brain. The Brain Band simply measures your brain activity and mental states, with no current or electromagnetic waves being sent into your brain. The Brain band  has been internationally certified.

14. How long till I see the results?

The results differ from person to person. The intensity and consistency matters, and whether the games were being played properly is another factor. Typically, at least 15 hours of training is required before improvement can be seen.

15. Who is this suitable for?

Starting from 5 years onwards with physically fit can suitable for it

16. Is this scientifically tested/validated?

Research in this field is on-going and there have been positive results based on certain conditions. We are in the midst of doing our own studies and have compiled a scientific whitepaper and an animated science explainer video which can be found on our website, www.cerbotech.in

17. Is my personal data secured?

Yes. Cerbotech Pvt Ltd takes your privacy very seriously. Our Privacy Policy can be found on www.cerbotech.in

18. How can this translate into long term benefits for me?

Research has shown that mental stimulation leads to an increase in memory over time. Keeping your mind stimulated also creates positive effects in your day to day life.