The human brain is made up of 100 billions neurons, which communicate with each other through electrical activity called brain  waves. The pattern of brain waves changes depending on one’s level of consciousness and cognitive processing. We can measure these brainwaves through EEG and now a days Brain Computer Interface (BCI) technology is widely use for different purpose. Brain Computer Interface technology will help define the potential of the human race.

Brain activity is generally characterized by a combination of brain waves which is depend on what the person is doing at that time, a particular brain wave will be dominant over the others.

Now, types of Brainwaves.

There are five different types of brainwaves:


Alpha Waves

It helps us calm down when necessary and promotes feelings of deep relaxation. It reduced Stress or Depression level and Enhance Relaxation. It Disappear Tension and Nervousness.



It associated with concentration, Logical thinking and Focus. It helps to focus and complete school or work-based tasks easily. It’s make thinking faster, better and more realistic. Beta Waves are being very fast brain waves that most people exhibit throughout the day in order to complete conscious tasks such as: critical thinking, writing, reading, and socialization.


Theta Waves particular frequency range is involved in daydreaming and sleep. It enabled to calm down and reduced anxiety feelings. Theta waves are connected to us experiencing and feeling deep and raw emotions. Theta has its benefits of helping improve our intuition, creativity, and makes us feel more natural. It is also involved in restorative sleep.

4. Delta Waves

Delta Waves are found most often in infants as well as young children. Delta waves always occur or found in Deep Sleep. These waves are associated with the deepest levels of relaxation and restorative, healing sleep. If there is abnormal delta activity, an individual may experience learning disabilities or have difficulties maintaining conscious awareness (such as in cases of brain injuries).


Gamma brain waves are the fastest and are associated with higher levels of consciousness.