Mastermind Workshop

We at Cerbotech believe in doing things differently, so we have designed our workshop full of fun and excitement, by doing this we are giving children not only confidence to develop their concentration, memory and use of their all multiple intelligence, but also their future.

Since we believe in practical approach, we have designed activities which focus on “The more you practice, better you get at it”. Our exercise will be the evidence of doing things perfectly and in a better way. We are not only using exercise which helps your brain to stimulate but also function in an effective way. Besides some of our interesting exercise, we also have some brain games and quiz through which will help an individual to brush up the abilities on any particular activity.

We have develop such activities to challenge intelligence, focus, memory, faster brain recall, self confidence etc. Children love this activities and with help of it we give the best result.

Moreover, We have discovered many type of brain music, so you can drift off to a realm of peace, while at the same time manifesting the following benefits in your everyday life such as increased relaxation, better sleep, deep meditation, mindfulness, increased positivity, increased concentration, body healing, lower stress, eliminate anxiety, spiritual consciousness and many more…

Our training workshop will help each individual to become smarter and faster. It will also increase short-term memory and fluid intelligence.

So join us for more interesting activities and look for Cerbotech – beyond the brain!!