Brain Stimulation Workshop

About BSW

Ø    BSW is a Solution for Kids if they facing with Memory and Concentration Problems like,

          •      Difficult to Remember
          •      Kids Remember when they read but after week they forget the entire chapter
          •    Kids are not able to remember Periodic tables, multiplication tables,English word Meanings, Spellings, Formula.
          •      Kids Unable to sit still for a long time
          •     Kids are Keep getting different thoughts While  they doing Something or Listening to a Lecture
          •      Brain Stimulation Workshop which target and improves neuro-cognitive functions such as attention,memory formation,sensory motor improvements,consolidation, learning, language, perception, reaction time, and social Cognition.

Ø Cognitive abilities based on brain development are studied and examined under the sub field of developmental   cognitive neuroscience.

Ø Cognitive inhibition refers to the mind’s ability to tune out stimulus (Inspired) that is irrelevant to the task/process at hand or to the mind’s current state. 

Ø BSW Activation Procedure:

        •     The Participants need to attend 2 days full day, “Brain Stimulation Workshop” (BSW)
        •       Follow up session till one and half month
        •      Follow up sessions, once in a week and Four hours each 


Ø  Enlightening Mind & Memory


Ø  Concentration power Development


Ø  Stress free Living


Ø  Memorize information and recall it with ease – even in high pressure situations, like exams

Ø  Attention

Ø  Memory training exercises 

Ø  Spatial recognition 

Ø  Creativity 

Ø  Self confidence enhance

Ø  Visual Perception

Ø  Imagination & Creativity