BNT Test

About BNT

Ø     Brainwave Neurotransmitter Test is a test that   states real time representation of Brain activities,behaviors and  thoughts.

Ø BNT test display data from Brain and measures Brainwaves.

Ø BNT test records a real time data and frequencies of Brainwaves like Alpha,   Beta,Gamma, Delta, and Theta.

Ø BNT test based on understanding, measuring and evaluating Brainwaves of Kids with the help of EEG

Ø BNT test help us to understanding, measures and evaluating Brainwaves of Kids brain, with the use of EEG 

Ø Medical experts and approved clinical experience authenticated that Brainwaves frequencies or  patterns provide  accurate analysis of current state of mind along with multiple intelligence and human nature.

Ø BNT test will be taken before and after the Workshop


      Why to BNT Test

Ø BNT test taken on before and after workshop to compare results that proven kids cognitive abilities will increase.

Ø BNT test provide scientifically authenticated and Tangible Results.

Ø Through BNT test we can analyze Existing level of Kids cognitive abilities like Attention, Reaction time,memory   power and intelligence.

Ø BNT test also for Adults to verifying talents,skills, abilities, attributes, personalities, and natural  potentialities and this all information can be used as a tool for career awareness, fostering certain managerial styles and filling positions with people with desires abilities or a natural talent for specific skill sets.


Benefits of BNT Test

Ø  BNT test help to improved kids cognitive abilities

Ø BNT test displays a live brainwave report which assures parents about the data that taken by his or her child.  

Ø Its help to improves our Brainwaves according to what we are doing and feeling

Ø Its help to know and understand that If we can feel tired, slow, sluggish or dreamy that time our brainwave  frequencies are slower dominant  and if we can feel wired, hyper, and alert that time  our brainwave frequencies are fast dominant. 

Ø BNT test evaluates some data which identify the level of concentration,calmness and other cognitive            functionalities. 

Ø Through our own designed Software and Devices, we understand your own brain activity with different  brainwave games.

Ø By measuring your brain waves through EEG and applying that feedback to the game play, we’re able to help you learn to control your focus and increase your attention over time.

 For example, in one our game (Racing car), your focus will control the speed of a racing car. The better you  focus,the faster the car racing, but if you get distracted, the car will stop.