BNT Test

Brainwave Neurotransmitter Test is a truly scientific study of the brainwaves patterns. This will help in understanding a great individual’s potential and personality type. Brainwave Neurotransmitter Test is based on understanding from brainwaves and neuroscience with the help of EEG. Medical experts and approved clinical experience confirmed that brainwave patterns provide accurate analysis of current state of mind along with multiple intelligence and human nature.

When BNT test is applied to children, it is an excellent occurring brain activity and ultimately their overall potential are, they can then more effective foster and support their children’s natural talents with nearly pinpoint accuracy.

BNT is also commonly used on adults to determine the same traits: natural talents, character strengths, natural skills and potential. This information can be used as a tool for career advisement, fostering certain managerial styles, and filling positions with people with desires abilities and /or a natural talent for specific skill sets.